Griffith Italian Heritage - The Murrumbidgee
The Murrumbidgee

The Murrumbidgee

Water and our economy

The region’s water supply is crucial to the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people, driving tourism and year-round farming. The river also supports the ecosystems vital to hundreds of unique Australian plants and animals.

The irrigation area is Australia’s original food bowl and was designed to provide reliable produce to the nation even in times of drought. It was set up in 1912 with the express purpose of growing the food and exports needed for a rapidly growing nation. Since then, the people of the Murrumbidgee have benefited from responsible water management, smart investment, and innovative irrigation practices.

The region is home to a wide variety of irrigated farm enterprises growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, hay, rice, cotton, cereals and oilseed crops, as well as some of the country’s most productive and renowned wineries. The clean, high quality food produced here is then exported all over the world, generating billions of dollars and supporting tens of thousands of jobs for Australia.

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